Barbie in Cina non sta niente bene

I tempi sono quelli che sono e la Barbie non si sente tanto bene. Il primo super-store della Mattel dedicato alla sua celebre bambola in Cina aveva aperto a Shanghai in marzo. Dopo otto mesi la general manager ha lasciato, rimpiazzata da un successore arrivato direttamente dagli Usa. Ora l'annuncio che gli obiettivi di vendita sono tagliati del 30%, ed è la terza volta. In difficoltà soprattutto le Barbie "su misura", modelli personalizzati che hanno incontrato molto meno favore del previsto, e il ristorante del sesto piano.

Untrue Things

Last night a Korean girl told me I was Malibu Barbie, (not that I look like, but that I am Malibu Barbie) which is both awesome and the least true thing ever said about me.

Barbie Barbie Barbie

I used to love Barbie (still *a lil bit* of love now haha).
I've been doin an assignment which each and one of us have to choose on what we wanna be in a diff life.
I choose to be a doll. May it be a barbie or a mannequin...i'll see whatever i end up looking like.hihi;P
So here are some of the pix that I've been Googling and would like to share with ya'll..

the new and old barbie in bathing suit

old and new. i got scared with the old barbie when i was smaller;P

love the ad(:

this one too(:

M.A.C's ad. loving it too(:

Lagerfeld Bottle ad. Colette. Smart!

still smart

love barbie's dress(:

love the three of 'em on top(:

50th Anniversary Barbie Glamour Doll for sale

This 50th Anniversary Barbie Glamour Doll for sale, comes from our Barbies4Sale Amazon Store, and will be the First to be added to our new Anniversary Barbie, and Birthday Barbie categories.

Isn't she Gorgeous? Especially for her age. ;)

Designed by Robert Best, this beautiful 50th Anniversary Barbie glamour doll features everything she needs to remain the timeless beauty we all know her to be. This is one Barbie you won't want to miss out on!

Barbie Doll Details:

From the Manufacturer
50th Anniversary Barbie Glamour doll Gold Label Collection. A remake of the fashion featured on the original 1959 doll. Adds new details with a couture twist for today.Celebrating Barbie doll's 50th Anniversary a beautiful glamour doll designed by Robert Best. From the Barbie Fashion Model Collection.

Barbie Doll Images

Barbie Doll Images download 
Barbie Doll Images download

Barbie Doll is a wonderful toy in children s . Barbie like a queen . she is looking so beautiful . Doll have sharp bright looks . perfect body features . her hair styles is excellent and anther attractive features is her dressing style .
in world wise children s especial girls love the Barbie Doll . first the Television media are the cartoon Barbie in disny and cartoon channels . After words some use the Barbie style in his film . few heroine's use the Barbie dressing style in hers movies . like Ishu use the barbie feature in her Zens film . now Kajal use the same Barbie features in recent film Darling movie .
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