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Calling all Barbie Fans: Mattel Channels the Great Masters

In addition to her pink pom-pom self, we're seeing another side of this lady's iconic face. At this year's Toy Fair in February, Mattel unveiled three new dolls in honor of some of the world's greatest paintings and their respective artists.
The three dolls include the Mona Lisa Barbie, the Klimt Barbie, and the Van Gogh Barbie. Their stylings are carefully mirrored after the famous works of art and are sure to be an incredible addition to your Barbie collection. Make sure you take a good look at their makeup and clothing, because it's spot on. These are some of the most gorgeous dolls I've ever seen, and their unique expressions add a little more heart and soul to the usual Barbie face.
Mona Lisa Barbie
Painted by Leonard da Vinci between 1503-1507, this intriguing portrait is one of the most famous paintings of all time. It is carefully guarded in the Louvre in Paris.
 You can pre-order Miss Mona here.
Klimt Barbie
Art Nouveau painter Gustav Klimt finished this portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer in 1907. It is on display at the Neue Galerie in New York City.
Pre-order the Klimt doll here.
Van Gogh Barbie
Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night is one of the most widely recognized Impressionist paintings ever, completed in 1887 and now residing in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.
 Pre-order Van Gogh doll here.
 Images and info from these sites:
Which one of these gorgeous gals will you be adding to your collection? (I want all three!)

Barbie Wallpaper HD

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Barbie goes French

I would like this Barbie

It reminds me of the ones I saw at the Barbie exhibition two years ago in Palma.

The picture of the Marie Antoinette Barbie made me go back through my folder from that holiday and I remembered the beautiful Barbie based on the Wedgewood jasperwear, I love her cameo choker.

here is the other doll which was released


I would love a wedgewood china set, maybe I will be lucky if I ever get married? I would get a grown up one for dinner parties and a Beatrix Potter one for everyday.

If I do get married I want this cake, but in peach, just like the Barbie....maybe she could stand on top next to a Ken?

Sometimes I worry I have very bad taste...

barbie korea

Barbie Barbie Barbie NS

I used to love Barbie (still *a lil bit* of love now haha).
I've been doin an assignment which each and one of us have to choose on what we wanna be in a diff life.
I choose to be a doll. May it be a barbie or a mannequin...i'll see whatever i end up looking like.hihi;P
So here are some of the pix that I've been Googling and would like to share with ya'll..

the new and old barbie in bathing suit

old and new. i got scared with the old barbie when i was smaller;P

love the ad(:

this one too(:

M.A.C's ad. loving it too(:

Lagerfeld Bottle ad. Colette. Smart!

still smart

love barbie's dress(:

love the three of 'em on top(:

now..the cultured barbie. barbie from Sumatra~

belly dancing barbie

Empress of the Golden Blossom Barbie Doll from Korea maybe

old fashioned Indian barbie

the new one i guess. something like Hindustan?

Red Indians? Africans?

the stars.. Kimora Lee Simmons (doesn't look the same tho)

the dress is pretty for Shakira i think(:

Mi Lady Gaga(:

Leona Lewis look alike

you know the movie right? i don't remember the name.haha

in The Simpson(:

Cynthia! Angelica's barbie in Rugrats. Used to be my fav back then when I was in primary school

you die hard Twilight fans must go awww on this~ Bella and Edward

Alice and Victoria. I want Victoria. I like her (altho she's bad.hehe)(:

girl's fav. not mine. i mean he's cute, but yeahh wtv~

everyday barbie with her fashion line up

the posh/sassy looking barbies

the bitchy mean girls barbie

the innocent-so-90's barbies

the most handsome Ken but whatttt?the shades, the shirt, the PINK tie and the slacks? Cut it out pls~

the hippie barbie

beach bondi. surfer girl barbie. i think i have this.hehe

love the hair!

love the dress!

love the shoes!

love the LBD

adorable. love to have one(:

love to have it as a collection(:


Louboutin shoes!<3

love this!

me would love tah read it!

awesome pix!

one of my fav pix of barbie(:



if i'm still 10 y.o, i would love to hang this in my room(:

love to have this in my room too!

wish i could have this. would love to donate it to the orphans(:

errr...what was she thinkin? it's too big yo mama!


to the bad barbie part (ok i maybe exaggerate a bit) :

anorex yeah~

deadly barbie. isshe a vamp?yea think so~

euwwy barbie (i bet this must be in art exhibition or something)

and this one~

and this one too~

commiting suicide or someone is killing her?

fatso barbie~

still fat

hookah barbie

hobo pregnant barbie

tattooed barbie. parents been complaining a lot on this so called *role model* doll for girls

close up tattooed barbie

old barbie. it's the barbie now (not the grandma) i think. she's 50..remember?haha

the preggy babrie

bad mommy with her kids. alcoholic, smoking pregnant lady~

dead barbie. drunken, partied all night barbie found dead in Hill St.

you-know-what barbie

they said it (in the pict)

sorority sisters partyin naked!

p/s: owh yea,i forgot to put the barbie in toys story;P
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